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Internet Marketing Website
« on: March 09, 2012, 21:56:07 PM »
I give talks on the subject of Internet Marketing, and I also do a lot of work for companies looking to sell their products online.

I often get asked how a company or individual can get online, start selling etc, but I don't have time to handle all the enquiries personally.

So what I decided to do was create a website where those interested in promoting their business (or starting one) can ask questions, I answer the questions in the forum there or I create a tutorial to show the answer to the question.  The beauty of this site is that everyone gets to see the answers and all members learn from each others questions and my answers.

The site is at   click on Internet Marketing and you will see previews of some of the answers I have written. 

If you are serious about wanting to run your own business online then a 10 a month subscription will buy you access to the site, and access to ask questions (and get answers) on everything from taking payments to video editing procedures, social media sites, search engine optimisation etc.

I normally get up to 350 a time when I do a talk on this subject, you can get my help for 10 a month or 100 a year (if paid in advance by invoice).

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David Batty
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