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george garside

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For Sale. Paulo Soprani Elite
« on: October 25, 2003, 21:35:04 PM »
For Sale. Paulo Soprani Elite 4 BCC# .4 voice 80 bass instrument with 9 treble & 2 bass couplers.
Modern instrument in exellent condition and first class playing order.Sell for £1600 or may take 48 bass Guirini BCC# or Hohner Trichord 3 in part exchange. Your chance to play the authentic British Chromatic system made famous by Jimmy Shand. (I can also provide tuition on BCC# accordion, Melodeon and Piano Accordion in Merseyside & West Lancs and will travel to provide group tuition andor workshops in other areas.)Phone George garside 01704 871430 or email>