Author Topic: Paolo Soprani Elite B/C for sale / exchange.  (Read 5880 times)

Ken Michie

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Paolo Soprani Elite B/C for sale / exchange.
« on: March 20, 2016, 13:21:35 PM »
Hello box players,
I have a Paolo Soprani Elite, B/C, two row with four sets of reeds and two couplers which is in pristine condition and not yet played in.  Has been tried and tested by John Crawford of Fife who confirmed it to be anexcellent instrument.  As this box is almost identical to my Dino Baffetti I'd like to exchange it for a Saltarelle Nuage or Tara in B/C or sell it to finance a different box.  Any enquiries for further details or photos please contact by email or Tel.    Ken on. 01855 811558
Thanks for your interest.